Servei de Nefrologia i Hemodiàlisi

Clínica Girona



Conventional haemodialysis
On-line haemofiltration
Continuous venous haemodiafiltration

FRESENIUS 4008 and 5008 machines.
High-efficacy dialysers.

The Clínica Girona Nephrology and Dialysis Service was first started up in 1972, with just two patients.

Since then, the Service has continued to grow and we now treat more than 180 patients.

The Service has been equipped with modern machines in order to provide high-quality dialysis to all its patients, in addition to the recent on-line technique that will soon be used on all its patients.

We have FRESENIUS machines that add even more quality to the treatment.

We have our own vascular surgery service for performing all kinds of vascular accesses.

The clinic performs continuous Haemodiafiltration techniques on patients in the Intensive Care Unit.




We provide Nephrology consultation services for outpatient visits
Arterial hypertension study
Fistula surgery by dialysis.